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We are critical of our own activities. We don‘t fall for
trends, and we don‘t believe in the obvious.
in our own abilities is the main criteria on which
we build the vision of Kešu.

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Why Kešu

Benefits of working
with a boutique agency

Contacts us
  • Friendly team size
  • Lower overhead costs = higher budget for results
  • More personal relationships
  • More agile approach and flexibility
  • Speed of communication
  • State of the arts approach

Sa Taronja

We identify with the southern temperament, so the fruit of cooperation with the new coworking centre in Mallorca was really juicy. For Sa Taronja, we covered a comprehensive range of services from logo creation, visual identity, website, copywriting and last but not least, a pilot campaign for pre-renting the studios. The campaign was targeted at the German-speaking market.

Sa Taronja logo


Sa Tarnoja identita značky


Sa Taronja web dizajn


Sa Taronja web dizajn


Sa Taronja kampane


Sa Taronja anglický copywriting


# Identity # Brand Strategy # Web # Social Media # Campaign # Video Production # Copywriting # Photography


Sharing is caring. Shareo is launching a new concept in the sharing economy and we are sharing our know-how with them. We stood at the beginning of the service and set the direction from the first steps. Everything from logo creation, visual identity, design, copywriting, communication strategy, campaign or app development and launch is under our management. In other words? Full service.

Shareo webová aplikácia


# Identity # Brand Strategy # Web # Visual language # Social Media # Campaign # Animation # Copywriting # Consulting # Workshops

Marina Liptov

Luxury apartments also deserve luxury marketing services. And that's where we come in. The sale of Marina Liptov apartments was successfully launched thanks to our website. Through a social media campaign and Google Ads, we managed to get 11,000 visits to the website for the client, despite the high price level of the apartments, and more than 50 of them were interested in the apartments. The online campaign was supported by outdoor advertising and audiovisual outputs directed by us.

Marina Liptov webová stránka


# Visual language # Communication Strategy # Campaign # Web # Social Media # Google # Video Production # Photography # Copywriting


The long-term cooperation with the renowned DEVELOR company proves how synchronisation can develop over time and produce great results. For DEVELOR, we developed a website and several international online campaigns with a reach of hundreds of thousands of relevant users, which helped DEVELOR gain new clients. We've shot dozens of creative campaigns for their game-based training, and we cover social media, SEO and Google Ads.

Develor medzinárodné online kampane


# Communication Strategy # Web # Social Media # Campaign # Google # Video Production # Copywriting # Photography # Art direction # Scriptwriting # Workshops # Mentoring

Petrek Architects

Sometimes the roles get reversed. For this collaboration, we were the visual identity architects in the chosen colour palette and designed a creative logo that serves as a distinguishing feature across the entire identity. Our work consists of social media management, Google Ads, and production. We keep the average time spent on a website between 1 and 2 minutes over the long term.

Petrek Architects vizuálna identita


# Branding # Communication Strategy # Web # Social Media # Google # Post production # Photography # Copywriting

AG Print

Elegance, minimalism and timelessness permeated the concept of the visual identity and website of AG Print under our direction. Simplicity is beauty was the modus operandi of the creation. Copywriting was based on the idea of a freedom company that is present in every aspect of the identity.

AG Print vizuálna identita


# Identity # Web # Copywriting


Working with CAFFE4U was indeed a delicious cup of coffee. Our task was to create an eye-catching logo and a distinctive visual identity that worked with the symbiosis of the coffee bean and the owner's fingerprint. The essence of the identity was reflected in the web design and copywriting. We provided the client with Google Ads management and marketing training to integrate the next steps.

Caffe4U logo


# Rebranding # Web # eCommerce # Content Marketing # Copywriting # Training # Google